Sue Lowell Gallion

My friends, Pug and Pig

Pug and Pig entered my world more than a decade ago as an idea that just might make a picture book. I’m thrilled to be introducing the third book in the series, PUG & PIG AND FRIENDS. PUG MEETS PIG was my first trade picture book sale, and I had no idea I’d have the opportunity to continue to develop the characters and their world with Joyce Wan, the illustrator, and the Beach Lane Books team. What a joy to share PUG & PIG AND FRIENDS now, with vaccinations and a brighter world (especially once children can be safely vaccinated). I’m so looking forward to being able to share the latest Pug and Pig book and more in person.

I’m ever so grateful to my friends — friends who supported my dream all along, the amazing friends I have made within the children’s book community, and especially my new friends (and their wonderful parents who read to them!) who know the books by heart.

To me, the underlying heart of all three of the Pug and Pig books is empathy and friendship, so it’s apt that the third book has “friend” in the title. What is friendship when someone new comes on the scene? How can someone be true to themselves and at the same time think of others? How can a sense of humor improve a relationship or help someone else see that not everyone likes the same things or reacts the same way? How do you communicate your feelings and needs with others? (This is particularly tricky, of course, for pigs, dogs, and other backyard buddies!)

Thanks for being on the adventure with us!

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