Sue Lowell Gallion

New books

It’s a strange time to be prepping to release three new books this summer and fall. My usual events — celebrating with readers, friends, and family at local favorites like Rainy Day Books, The Learning Tree toy store and bookstore, and Fat Brain Toys, — aren’t an option. In-person library events aren’t a possibility, either. And there’s nothing I look forward to more than sharing my books with a circle of kids, carrying on conversations, watching reactions, seeing what they notice (which I probably haven’t noticed at all!)

But I do think books have fared well in this bizarre time. Yes, we’re all doing our share of binge-watching (I never saw 30 Rock, and I’m enjoying it immensely now!) But I think, and I hope, many families have spent time snuggled up with books. And I hope that continues. My two grandsons (ages 2 1/2 and 4 1/2) are almost always ready to sit down with me and a book, especially a funny one. Those moments are magic for me, and are one of the best ways I escape today’s news, sadness, and uncertainty.

And have we ever appreciated our libraries more? Or our librarians, library staff, and the volunteers that make the hold system work? My county library system opens this week for book returns, although I’m giving them some time before I bring my stacks back. Next week they begin curbside checkout. If they can do that safely, I am more than ready to tap into that marvelous resource again. Same with area bookstores. I’m ready to add some new titles to my shelves and the shelves of others.

I hope you are, too!