Sue Lowell Gallion

Pug Meets Pig


Meet Pug. Pug is one happy pup. He has his own yard, his own bowl, and his own cozy bed. That is, until Pig moves in! Pig eats from Pug’s bowl, interrupts Pug’s work, and, worst of all, sleeps in Pug’s bed. Will Pug and Pig ever learn to live together as friends? With adorable illustrations from Joyce Wan, this sweet and silly story about a darling duo shares the timeless themes of embracing change, being kind to others, and finding friends in unlikely places.

For more fun with the book, here’s a four-color activity kit for kids of all ages. For more coloring sheets and a curriculum resource guide for teachers, go to Resources.


Here’s the starred review from Publishers Weekly.

From School Library Journal: “The age-old theme of learning to accept a newcomer will resonate with children adjusting to a new sibling or witnessing an old pet adapt to a new one. . . VERDICT: This cozy story is likely to hit the spot with many preschoolers and is a great choice for beginning readers.”

From Kirkus: “The simple, understated text with just a few words on each page will be enjoyed by younger preschoolers and will also be accessible to new readers, and the jaunty, oversized illustrations have a cheerful, straightforward appeal that suits the text.”


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Look for or request Pug Meets Pig at your local bookstore or library. Ratings and reviews of the book on Goodreads and Amazon are always appreciated!

Available now: Pug & Pig Trick or Treat!

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